Welcome to the Stop Trans Pathologization-2012 campaign’s webpage, a campaign advocating for the despathologization of the trans identities (transexual and transgender) and their retirement from the manuals of disorders (the DSM from the American Psychiatric Association, which’s newly revised version is due in 2012, and the CIE from the World Health Organization, due in 2014)

This blog aims to visibilize the actions within this campaign and to center the people and organizations who support the manifesto. The main action of the stp2012 campaign is the simultaneous demonstration, in various cities around the world, every october since 2007.
Next demonstration will take place the 17th of october 2009, in more than 20 cities.

If you want to join the campaign and start mobilizing things in your city, or for any doubt, question, support, joining, encouraging… write to stp2012@gmail.com

The fight must go on!